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This home page features some essential information about my work in music and sound design. Music is a crucial component of any film and can be responsible for most of the emotional impact of a film. Before you figure out what to expect from a scene, the music will have told you. Or it may leave you in uncharted territory and remain ambiguous and plurivalent. No matter what way of storytelling is chosen or what kind of music is required by the film - I am here to support the storyline and to help get your message across. The content of this webpage is just a small glimpse of my work so far. My Blog is

The title image is a still from Maryna Shchipak's "Wal", an animation short for children.

Due to copyright restrictions it is often impossible to post my work on the web.

Some exceptions can be accessed by scrolling down this page.

(The background is featuring my assistant Charlie, a Stress Relief Expert and Relaxation Champion)

Filmography (abridged):

(Most films have websites, "Subterra Incognita" and "Screwed Up" can be watched in their entirety)

"Wolken über dem Paradies" by Bernhard Semmelrock, feature film, music & mixdown,1998

Heller als der Mond" by Virgil Widrich, feature film, music, 1999

Copy Shop" by Virgil Widrich, short film, award for best music/Clermont-Ferrand, Oscar-nominee, music & sound, 2000

Subterra Incognita" by Thomas Lindermayer, documentary, music & sound, 2005

Faust" by Philipp Hochhauser, silent feature film, music, 2009

"The Da Vinci Timecode" by Gil Alkabetz,
award for best music/ITFS Stuttgart, music & sound, 2009

Only Human" by Benjamin Swiczinsky, animated short film, Trailer FMX 2010, music & sound, 2009

Screwed Up" by Kris Hofmann, stop-motion short film, music & sound, 2010

Angelinho" by Maryna Shchipak, animated short film, music & sound, 2011

Heldenkanzler" by Benjamin Swiczinsky, animated short film, music & sound, 2011

366 Tage" by Johannes Schiehsl, animated short film, music & sound, 2011

Le Nombril" by Pauline Flory, animated short film, music & sound, 2011

Winterzeit" by Maryna Shchipak, animated short film, music & sound, 2012

Wal" by Maryna Shchipak, animated short film, music & sound, 2013

Some Short Films and Spots that I have worked on:

This one is REALLY short, it’s a cinema-spot I did for the Wiener Zeitung, the world’s oldest newspaper, which is today a small, but excellent newspaper. Directed and produced by Benjamin Swiczyinsky.

Kris Hofmann is a die-hard football-fan. Therefore, she did a piece about football and its ticket prices for the New York Times (for their Op-Doc Series). A vimeo staff-pick.

Showreel for "Neue Österreichischer Trickfilm", a young film-production specializing in animation-films, run by Benjamin Swiczinsky, Johannes Schiehsl and Conrad Tambour.

Pauline Flory asked my to contribute music and sound to her charming graduation film for her film studies. Here is the result.

Kris Hofmanns Teaser for Granta: Britain. I abused a famous British song and added some mysterious additional music and sound...

The Bhopal Gas Disaster started during the night of Dec. 2nd to Dec. 3rd., 1984 at a Union Carbide pesticide factory in Bhopal, India. Dow Chemical acquired Union Carbide in 2001, and until today they claim that they have nothing to do with the disaster.

In Linz, Upper Austria, a right-wing party managed to create a "City Guard": People in uniform, trying to prevent that certain illegal actions are taking place. I was asked to contribute music and sound to this little spot about the hard life of the "Stadtwache".

Fabulous Kris Hofmann did a video response to an article in Britain's "Granta" Magazine. She asked me to write some music her animation...

"Screwed Up" by Kris Hofmann is a lovestory and a story about not knowing a good thing until it's gone. The stop-motion short-film was also a vimeo staff-pick in August 2011.

The FMX 2010 featured Benjamin Swicinsky's "Only Human' as its official trailer, you can check it out here. Contrary to the official FMX upload to YouTube this is real STEREO and HD.

This is the teaser to Philipp Hochhauser's Faust, a silent movie. Faust has been released as a part of an eBook, which you can download from the Apple App-Store: Click here for the iPad and here for the iPhone/iPod.

Virgil Widrichs "Copy Shop" was the first short film I worked on, after I had done two feature films prior to this one. It was nominated for an Oscar and the first of many prizes it won was one for best music and sound-design.

If you need something scored, recorded, mixed or produced, contact me through the link at the bottom of the page. My studio is featuring many nice toys, hardware and software, and two tomcats. I use the following


Monitoring: Genelec 1031A, Yamaha NS-10M, SPL Volume 2, Surround: JBL Speakers, Denon Amplifier, AKG K500, 4x AKG K271, 8x AKG K141

Computer: Apple iMac 27” i7 2.93 GHz, 12GB, SSD

Converters: RME Fireface 800, Apogee AD16-X

Software: Logic Pro X, Pro Tools 10 & HD 9, Melodyne Studio, iZotope RX4 Advanced, Harrison Mixbus, Recycle, Celemony Melodyne Editor, Synful Orchestra, DFH Superior 2.0 + C&V, Waves Horizon Bundle & Abbey Road Bundle & SSL Bundle & IR-360 & Scheps 73 & LoAir & NLS & WLM Plus, iZotope Trash 2 & Stutter Edit & Spectron & Radius for Logic, SPL Transient Designer & Vitalizer MkII, brainworx bx_XL V2, SoundToys Native FX & DevilLoc Deluxe & MicroShift & Little Radiator & Little Primal Tap, IK Multimedia T-Rex Singles & Amplitube 2 & CSR Reverb, ProAudioDSP DSM V2, Zynaptiq Unveil, AudioEase Speakerphone 2, Apulsoft apEQ, PredatOhm, PSP Vintage Warmer 2, CamelSpace, Sonalksis SV-317 Mk. II EQ, u-he Filterscape, Native Instruments Komplete 9 Ultimate & Paranormal Spectrums, East West The Dark Side, etc...

Mic Pre’s: Neumann V476b, Sebatron VMP-4000, Millennia Media HV-3D 8Channel

EQ’s: Neumann 495

Microphones: Charter Oak SA538B, Neumann TLM 103, AKG C414, 4x Neumann KM184, 2x Shure SM 57, Shure Beta 91, Telefunken MD30, Sennheiser MD 441, Audix D6, 3x Sennheiser e904

Keyboards: Roland RD-150, Yamaha AN-1x, Korg monotron

Mixing: Presonus Faderport

Library: The Hollywood Edge Complete, Airborne Sound Libraries, Custom Libraries

And the studio is here:

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